6/6/12 is HERE.....

The planet Venus has crossed the path of SIN.

Official Announcement:

LOVER OF SIN - HORNY BEAST is available world-wide!!!


The 1st 1000 copies will have a full color postcard autographed and kissed by the Goddess Maitri herself...and they are selling fast!

MP3s available NOW

Horny Beast will also be available at iTunes and other digital outlets soon.

Track Listing for HORNY BEAST:

1. The Spell is Broken
(guest drums : George Kollias - Nile)

2. Liquid Fire

3. Mistress of Heaven
(guest drums : George Kollias - Nile)

4. You Will Suffer
(guest lead guitar : Ralph Santolla - Obituary/Deicide)

5. Horny Beast

6. Goddess of Love
(guest drums : George Kollias - Nile)

7. My Secret Things
(guest lead guitar : Elizabeth Schall - Dreaming Dead)

8. You Really Got Me
(guest lead guitar - Karl Sanders/Nile)

9. My Lover of Sin
(guest lead guitar : Destructhor - Morbid Angel/Myrkskog/Zyklon)

10. Breathless Breathing

....see you on tour soon....until the demon is out.



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